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Looking for a great read of the best true crime books … serial killer, detective, audiobooks, kindle, ebooks, and more? This mega post offers the top book recommendations in every category.

These lists are pulled directly from Amazon, and updated hourly, according to the latest Amazon sales and customer reviews. It’s fascinating to see what people are buying … as well as being a list chock full of terrific ideas for your next read.

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True Crime Books – New Amazon Bestsellers (General)

So you were wondering what’s good out there in unsolved mysteries, cold cases, historical murders and other creepy good reading? Well this list has got it all.

It’s a one stop shop for everything true crime. The list changes LITERALLY all the time. Refresh the screen and see the latest top sellers on Amazon … from Ronan Farrow’s book on Harvey Weinstein to forensic games/puzzles to stories of murder, mayhem, predators and abuse. There are colouring books and audiobooks and everything in between.

Take a peek and see if something catches your eye today:

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True Crime Serial Killer Books

Serial killers are the true crime junkie’s guilty pleasure. The sick crimes. The obsessive, psychotic behavior. The NUMBERS. And all of it playing on some deep seated need we have to figure out … why.

It’s almost impossible for us to resist stories about serial killers and their jaw dropping escape from justice. One interesting things about this list is how many serial killers out there you probably have never heard of. This collection has way more than the typical Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wuornos books.

See if you can resist these …

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Biographies of Criminals (Kindle)

This collection of true crime biographies covers a lot of ground. It takes the word “crime” as a general term, rather than the popular use of true crime meaning serial killers and unsolved mysteries. There’s mafia, celebrities, and FBI. as well as biographies of (yes) serial killers too.

If you love a good story, this collection will inspire you. They are kindle links so you can download for your ereader and read it right away, instead of ordering the physical book.

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True Crime Murder + Mayhem Books

Amazon created this category to focus on all types of murder. It’s not just about the Hannibal Lector’s out there, but on the murders themselves. It’s less about who dunnit … and more about what happened.

The most interesting takeaway we got from this list is that murders that can happen anywhere .. and everywhere.

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True Crime White Collar Crime Books

Corporate, silicone valley, mysterious psychics .. scams … this is an amazing collection of stories you’ve never heard of.

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True Crime Audiobooks (Audible)

Love listening to true crime podcasts? Give these audiobooks a try. They make an awesome backdrop while you’re working from home, driving for hours, or having a quiet bath. Pour yourself a glass of wine and press play on some of these.

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True Crime Books FREE (Kindle)

To check out the free true crime books (affiliate link) you need to click the link and peruse them on the “FREE” tab on the actual bestsellers page on

.. and check back often as this page updates constantly. Every day there are new books being published and added to the list.