If you love to study languages, then you will enjoy a career in linguistics. This field is one of the most diverse in all of the forensic sciences.

When you possess a degree in linguistics, you can find work as a translator as a liaison with law enforcement. It gives you the opportunity to teach a new language. You will examine suicide letters, threat communications on social media, and perform an analysis of the words used on emergency calls.

Some forensic linguists are called to work on trademark disputes, identify authorship, or assist with political asylum cases.

Forensic Linguistics Definition

Someone working in forensic linguistics is dealing with probabilities more than they are certainties. Although this scientific field looks at the use of language as a fingerprint, it also seeks to examine how people use grammar, slang, and specific elements of communication to identify people through how they write or speak.

Forensic Linguistics Job Description

The job requirements of a position in forensic linguistics involve voice identification, the interpretation of expressed meaning from a legal perspective, and deciphering their plans through written or oral statements.

You will examine the use of language by suspects to determine honesty or intent. If you know a second language, you may be asked to translate documents or audio files so that they can be used in a legal context.

Most forensic linguists are asked to compare information to determine if there are similarities in language that make for a possible identification.

Forensic Linguistics Books

If you are interested in learning more about the field of forensic linguistics, then these excellent books will take you on a journey through what you can expect with this career option.

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Forensic Linguistics College Programs

College programs which feature a degree in forensic linguistics will show you how language is a science. It will help you identify how moods can be determined through a person’s syntax. You will also discover how to find authentic threats from documents that refer to criminal or legal proceedings.

These are the best schools that currently offer a degree program in this field.

Colorado Christian University
Purdue University
Western Washington University
Ashford University

Forensic Linguistics Salary

The average salary for someone working in the field of forensic linguistics is about $60,000. When you find your first position after earning a degree, the entry-level positions may pay as little as $40,000. Experienced workers with a graduate degree can make more than $100,000 per year.

Forensic Linguistics Online Course

If you are pursuing a career in forensic linguistics and wish to further your education online, then there several online programs can help you to earn the degree you want.

Hofstra University,
the University of Florida,
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
the University of Washington,
and the University of Texas at Austin are all highly ranked linguistics campuses.

Some programs may require you to complete an on-campus residency before allowing you to graduate.

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