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  • three-identical-strangers-review

    True Crime Forensics Review: Three Identical Strangers

    *Click above to rent or download on Amazon (affiliate link) Life sometimes throws bizarre coincidences. Released just last year, the documentary Three Identical Strangers highlighted the strange circumstances behind the reunion of three long-lost twins – and the subsequently surreal questions raised of their initial separation. As like other documentary and film reviews, spoilers are […]

  • fetal abductions

    Thy Womb Undone: Shedding Some Light on Fetal Abductions

    Warning: This article deals with the sensitive topic of fetal abductions. While there are no gruesome photos and only limited descriptions are in the article … we advise this is an “adult” article.   Evil. Just pure evil. A rare and terrifying criminal act recently made the news. Fetal abduction, with approximately just around 30 […]

  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 3]

    As mentioned in Part 2 of Serial Killers in Japan, Lucie Blackman was the first victim but Joji Obara still wasn’t done with his horrendous appetite for murdering women. There Were More… This wasn’t the first murder Obara was linked to. Similar to the Blackman case, investigators discovered that Obara was a prime suspect in […]

  • Asian serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 2]

    In Part 1 of Serial Killers that Terrified Japan, we looked at three notorious serial killers from Japan’s history. In this article, we dive in and look at two more.  Japan is not only a place where a unique and colorful culture is to be experienced. In fact, the country does have its fair share […]

  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan

    As a country with a low crime rate, Japan still has its share of gruesome and bizarre crimes. This appears to be true, even though generally it’s way below than what is typically recorded in the United States. Perhaps as a byproduct of repression or social status, serial murder crimes in Japan may actually be […]

  • murder mystery

    Snipping the Veil of Anonymity: DNA Test Reveals Jack the Ripper’s Identity

    Recently, genetic tests done on a silk shawl revealed the identity of notorious – and probably, the most famous – serial killer, Jack the Ripper. A groundbreaking feat, considering the tons of theories and suspects speculated throughout a century concerning the murderer and his/her motives. Let’s find out more on how the mystery behind the […]