The true crime genre is not going anywhere, and documentary-style films are at no shortage. These movies and shows appearing on Amazon Prime Video will shock you and tell stories you may have never heard of.

Here are 10 true crime hidden gems found now on Amazon Prime:

1. Kidnapped: Natasha Kampusch

This chilling documentary details the events that took place during Natasha Kampusch’s kidnapping in 1998. Eight and a half years of captivity are outlined by Natasha herself, sharing her thoughts while trapped in her captor’s basement, alone and scared.

This documentary sheds light on her experience and broadcasts the experience of being kidnapped. The genuine emotion showed in the interviews brings unnerving to a new level, so it may be a film to watch in the daylight!


2. The Eleven

Eleven teenage girls go missing from Texas in the 1970s without a trace. After an inmate confesses many years later, the case is turned sideways. Authorities now re-examine evidence while still searching for more. This six-part series follows investigators as they retrace the shocking story and shed light on the unsolved murders while still trying to figure out how it really happened.

With original case facts and evidence, this documentary outlines police procedures and thoughts as they conduct multiple missing person investigations. The inside view of the minds of the investigating officers gives you a unique impression – almost like you are right there with them.


3. Murdertown

Murdertown peers into some of the United Kingdom’s most eerie murder cases. Featuring actual interviews with police officers, victims, and witnesses, this fascinating docuseries shares gruesome stories that feel too close to home.

Featuring crimes in cities such as Bristol, Grimsby, Greenock, and many more, these twisting tales will keep you on the edge of your seat.


4. The Murder of Meredith Kercher

Meredith Kercher was a university student studying abroad – until she was tragically murdered. This documentary includes real trial footage and interviews pertaining to her killer roommate, Amanda Knox, and the six years of trials that took place afterward.

For the first time ever, Meredith’s entire story is outlined for viewers to watch. This story of fear, heartbreak, and drama includes police films and interviews, making the experience feel that much more real.


5. The Perfect Victim

Three women are charged and convicted of murdering their husbands. The catch – they all claim to have been heavily abused and that murdering him saved their life. This documentary sheds light on domestic abuse and the workings of the US justice system.

With interesting debates and moral issues aside from just the crime itself, this documentary outlines one of the many issues within the US criminal justice system. Domestic abuse is a growing issue, and these fearful women will face life in jail because they were able to escape it.

Moral and criminal, this true crime story is attention-grabbing.


6. Missing Mom

Terri Lee Parker is missing, and her son is not going to give up.

Rob McCallum, the director of this documentary, has not seen his mom in over 25 years. She went missing without a trace and has not since appeared. With no substantial evidence and no leads for police to follow, the case quickly went cold and seemingly has no clear end.

In this documentary, McCallum traces back the story to interview family members and friends about their past, uncovering indications along the way that lead him on a wild chase in hopes of solving the mystery. With secrets discovered along the way, will McCallum be the investigator who solves the puzzle?


7. Crime Stories

This investigative style documentary reveals various true crime stories to viewers. With real clips of interviews and first-hand accounts from witnesses and victims, this series takes viewers behind the scenes to jolt them. With never-before-seen clips and firsthand interviews, this provides information from all angles.

Examining worldwide killers, national park murders, and infamous predators, this series dives into several topics and avoids no issue. What happened to these individuals to lead them down a life of killing? How does this shake their families? Can they ever be normal again? Crime Stories breaks it all down for you.


8. An American Crime

This film is based off of a true story about an American family. A mother of several children is facing a recent divorce that is changing how she seems the world. When she agrees to take two additional children into her care, these girls cause another abrupt change.

Locking one of them in the basement is the best she can think of. A hidden outlet for her anger so she can tend for her other children. This shocking and true story could not get more unnerving.


9. I Don’t Like Mondays

This chilling true crime documentary shares the story of 16-year-old Brenda Spencer. Charged as a mass murderer after a tragic school shooting at Cleveland Elementary School, this film outlines the disturbing confessions and thoughts that go through a killer’s mind.

The factors weighing into this awful turn of events in the 16-year-old’s mind are examined, leaving views with goosebumps.


10. Dead Man’s Line

Another chilling documentary based on a real story that will forever affect many lives. This story centered around Tony Kiritsis’s documents on how he held a man at gunpoint in 1977. With a deadman’s switch around the victim’s neck, police had no idea where to start and seemed to be at a dead end.

This horrifying film outlines the dramatic events of the day and what the family of the victim faced both during and after. A personal vendetta with an agenda takes over, and moral reasoning is up for debate.

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These ten documentaries and films are certain to tell you a story that’ll leave you speechless.

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