Live Murder Mysteries

Want to join a live murder mystery party? Whether it’s hosting your own classroom game or joining a Zoom session of actors. 

Online Crime Solving Games

Want to play a CSI, detective and hidden object online game? Explore crime scene investigation, forensic science and get into the psychology of criminal profiling with these fun online crime solving games. Please note: All of these game sites are supported by ads.

* If you want more mature-rated PC games that solve murders such as LA Noire and Grim Fandango, check out this “Best PC Games” article.

Flash-based Detective Games

Flash is a plugin that is no longer supported in browsers. Sadly, two of the most popular websites for forensics games (CSI Web Adventures and Detective Games Online) rely heavily on flash to work. You CAN still use these sites, however we recommend you look at the security recommendations first.

CSI Forensic Science games
forensic detective games online