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Want to try some CSI, detective and hidden object online games? Explore crime scene investigation, forensic science and get into the psychology of criminal profiling.

true crime board games

Want a fun girls night in games night? Check out these addicting "case file" unsolved mystery games, and modern true crime board games.

forensic true crime puzzle books

Logic puzzles, mazes, cryptograms, match fingerprints, crime scenes, detect visual anomalies, solve verbal puzzles related to crime, and search for solutions. A perfect way to relax offline.

cold case true crime games

Want to solve a new murder mystery each month? Game kits contain life-like evidence and artifacts to help catch a killer.

true crime apps hidden puzzle

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serial killer coloring books

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Hidden Object Forensic Games (Apps)

Hidden objects are like a big game of hide and seek. After you find clues hidden in photos you are given more of the story.

There are several popular apps available free through Amazon. Two of the top reviewed (according to Amazon customers) are below:

red crime forensic game app
Red Crimes is a very sophisticated hidden objects game with an incredible storyline and graphics.
From their website: A Homicide Detective. A city of corruption. And a killer on the loose. Red Crimes – Hidden Murders. You can grab Red Crime forensic app on iTunes or on Google Play.

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