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Ted Bundy quotes like the one above are captivating, as we conjure images of Hannibal Lector and other fictional masterminds who seem to have a special window into the monsters that roam our streets.

Ted Bundy was part of the golden age of serial killers in the 70’s, along with John Wayne Gacy, Son of Sam and The Zodiac killer who were also operating at that time. Only Bundy, however, had the lethal combination of depravity, intelligence and the articulate speech of someone who studied the law and was comfortable arguing his points in the media.

These quotes offer a chilling look into the fragmented mind of a serial killer, showing us narcissism, psychosis and occasionally … insight.

1. The “Big Fish” Helping FBI Profilers

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“You’re like a fisherman who fishes for years and catches a small fish… Sometimes a medium fish. You get lucky and get a big fish. But you know there’s a real big fish under there that always gets away. You and your group are going to get a lot of serial killers and they’re going to help you. But with the real good ones, the only way you’re going to know what goes on under the water is to go under the water. The fisherman drowns going underwater. But I can take you there without drowning. If I trust you. And if I decide.”  – Ted Bundy to FBI Agent Bill Hagmaier.


2. On Being Careful

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3. Interacting with Others

ted bundy quotes serial killer

4. I’m not a Weirdo

ted bundy quote indignant

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5. The Avid Reader

ted bundy quotes pornography

6. Some People …

ted bundy quote failure

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7. When you Look in their Eyes

ted bundy quote god

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8. On Compartmentalizing

ted bundy quote remorse

9. One Less Person

ted bundy quotes one less person

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10. On Mercy

ted bundy quote still human

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As with most serial killers, Ted Bundy most wanted for himself that which he never even attempted to show his victims … understanding and mercy. In the end, we see his final words as hollow as he was. Without any true remorse or self reflection.

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