The Best Forensic Crime Scene Kits to Bring Out Awesome Detectives in Students

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Aside from having a great teacher, resources and tools such as forensic crime scene kits are essential in an aspiring investigator’s growth. In a classroom (or home-based) setting, these kits will allow future detectives to experience evidence collection "hands on".

Depending on the kit as well, collaboration with other investigators may be highlighted - an important aspect to learn when cracking a mystery!

We have separated the kits by price. Under $50 is typically for a single student or a small group station. Above that price will provide enough equipment for an entire class.

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Best Forensic Science Crime Scene Kits (Under $50): 

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1. Crime Scene Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Case ($32.00)

The Crime Scene "Forensic Science Kit" is perfect for aspiring detectives on your shopping list. The kit includes real evidence and real forensic tests. Dust evidence for prints to match against suspect prints. Test fabric samples for the presence of blood. Your role, as Crime Scene Investigator, is to solve the murder of Missy Hammond.


  • Complete Directions
  • Fingerprint Brush
  • Fingerprint Powder
  • Fingerprint Lifting Tape
  • Heme-Stix Blood Test
  • Fingerprint Evidence
  • and Blood Evidence (synthetic blood)

Bonus Contents: We include enough fingerprinting supplies to leave you with a working fingerprint kit after you solve the case. (Amazon description)

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2. Forensic Kit Pro ($39.95)

Another awesome way to introduce kids to the world of forensic science, this kit includes the use of light to track fingerprints. This kit also contains directions on how to view online instructional videos on using the packaged items.

Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Orange tinted safety glasses 
  • Rubber gloves
  • Fluorescent light (blue hue)
  • Fluorescent magnetic black powder
  • Magnetic powder applicator
  • Fingerprinting film


UV light is used by investigators to locate bodily fluids such as blood and saliva in a crime scene!


3. Forensic Chemistry Drug Detection and Analysis Kit ($46)

Chemical analysis is a key component in determining crucial bits of evidence in a crime scene. This kit allows students to determine which substance may be the cause of an elderly lady’s ailment. A fun and eye-opening experience, students will surely get engaged on how chemistry can help solve cases.

What's in the box?

  • (1) bottle control acetylsalicylic acid (30g)
  • (3) bottles simulated chili ingredients (30g each)
  • (1) bottle 0.2M ferric nitrate solution (30mL)
  • (1) bottle dilute Lugol's iodine (30mL)
  • (1) bottle 1.0M sodium hydroxide (30mL)
  • (15) microreaction plates
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • Teacher's manual, student study guide copymasters, and safety data sheets

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Best Classroom Forensic Science Crime Scene Kits ($50 - $100):


4. Forensic Drug Testing: A Simulated Immunoassay

Drug testing using urine samples is another way to spot a person of interest. Quick, yet safe and engaging, this kit will allow students the chance to detect red flags on several simulated urine samples!

Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Simulated Urine Samples
  • Spot Plates (15 plates)
  • Antibody Solution

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5. Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis ($54)

Hair may be one's crowning glory. For criminals, it can be their downfall! This kit introduces students on how detectives can compare hair to determine the criminal from a list of suspects. Do take note that this kit requires the use of a microscope!


Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Microscope slides (1 box)
  • Deer hair sample
  • Cat hair sample
  • Human hair samples

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6. Where's the Victim? Blood Spatter Analysis Kit ($59.00)

Blood analysis offers a microscopic view on what makes forensic science such an interesting topic. This kit allows students to find out how blood evidence plays as a key component in crime scenes!

Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Simulated Blood Samples
  • Pipette (100 pieces)
  • Teacher's Manual

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7. My First Lab Whodunnit? Forensic Microscope Kit ($75.00)

Curiosity plays a big part when it comes to successful private eyes. Even more so are for investigators who dwell into DNA and chemical analysis. This kit will help students get a good grasp on how to work a microscope, and to use their findings to solve the guided scenarios included within!

Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Whodunnit? Microscope (1 piece)
  • Accessory Kit (70 assorted pieces)
  • Simulation Guides

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8. Innovating Science Forensic Case Study: Murder at Eagle Nest Harbor (Materials for 15 Groups)


Students will test their knowledge of forensic analysis in this murder mystery set in a small houseboat community. Through the study of hair, fiber, fingerprint, blood, and handwriting evidence, students will deduce the most likely identity of the killer. This forensic science group lab activity has enough material for 15 groups of students, and includes a teacher's manual and safety data sheets.

What's in the box?

  • 6 bottles of simulated blood evidence, 10mL (crime scene and suspects 1-5)
  • 3 bottles anti-A antiserum, 10 mL
  • 3 bottles anti-B antiserum, 10mL
  • 3 bottles anti-Rh antiserum, 10mL
  • 90 pieces thread evidence (15 each of crime scene evidence and suspects 1-5)
  • 6 bags of hair evidence (1 each of crime scene evidence and suspects 1-5)
  • 90 blood typing trays
  • 1 package toothpicks
  • 1 package microscope slides
  • 1 package coverslips
  • Teacher's manual, student study guide copy masters, and safety data sheets

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9. Latent Fingerprint Kit, Classroom Pack  ($99.00)

Learning how to lift fingerprints in crime scenes is an important skill that detectives definitely need to master. This item comes with a real print kit, supplied enough for 4 student work groups. An FBI Fingerprinting Manual (a 60-page file saved on a USB Drive) is also included in the kit. 

Some of the items packed in this kit:

  • Regular latent powder (4 containers)
  • Clear lifting tape rolls (4 rolls, sized at 360 X 1.5 inches)
  • Extra soft fingerprint brushes (4 brushes)

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Best Classroom Forensic Science Crime Scene Kits: (over $100)

10. Who Stole the Gold? A Comprehensive Forensic Analysis (Materials for up to 15 groups) ($150)

Your forensic team is needed to help figure out which of the four suspects is responsible for stealing the gold. Evidence collected from the scene, as well as samples from the four suspects, need to be analyzed using techniques from soil and mineral analysis, document analysis, fabric and fiber analysis, blood analysis, fingerprint analysis, and hair analysis.

This kit contains enough materials for 15 groups. Safety data sheets, teacher's manual, and student study guide copy masters are included.

Kit Includes:
Crime Scene Blood Samples
3 x 5ml Simulated Anti-B Serum
3 x 5ml Simulated Anti-A Serum
3 x 3ml 0.5M Hydrochloric Acid
3 x 2ml Universal Indicator 24g
Crime Scene Soil Samples
Universal Indicator Color Charts 5
Plastic Scoops
3 Small Mesh Screens
3 Large Mesh Screens
15 Blood Typing Trays
2 Boxes Microscope Slides
1 Pack Microscope Slide Cover Slips
3 Hand Magnifiers
1 Pack pH Strips
1 Pack Lead Acetate Paper
3 Metal Forceps
Crime Scene Fabric Samples
Crime Scene Note
Suspect Writing Samples
Crime Scene Hair Samples

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Forensics in the Classroom: STEM Rock Stars of the Future!

We hope that the forensic science kits listed above will give teachers and students alike a blast when learning about crime scene techniques. Who knows, these kits may just help inspire the next Nancy Drew!


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