Thinking about a forensic psychology job?

If you have an interest in criminal justice and psychology, then it makes sense to merge your passions in the pursuit of a career opportunity. You can do just that by pursuing a job in forensic psychology.

Although this career option was popularized on television and in movies, the specialization this field requires makes it extremely valuable to the modern legal processes of today’s judicial system.

Forensic Psychology Definition

Forensic psychology is the branch of psychology which relates to the law. It works with local, regional, and national criminal justice systems to provide information about suspects. The goal of this work is to determine through clinical assessment if an individual is capable of possessing a “guilty mind.”

Forensic Psychology Job Description

Forensic psychologists are primarily responsible for performing clinical assessments of suspects to determine the overall health status of their mental functioning. This process involves a complete evaluation of the individual, report writing, and ongoing communication with law enforcement officials.

Through these duties, a forensic psychologist will perform competency evaluations, threat assessments, and counseling services.

Forensic Psychology Books

If you are interested in a career in forensic psychology, then there are some excellent books that you will want to read to see if this field seems right for you. 

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You can also read various textbooks from college courses that can help you go through more of the specifics of what a forensic psychologist evaluates each day. Here is one of the top ranked forensic psychology textbooks in the field:


Forensic Psychology College Programs

If you wish to study forensic psychology, the top-ranked degree programs will help you to earn the appropriate degree for the job that you want. Most employers who hire forensic psychologists want a graduate degree at minimum, with some requiring a doctorate before offering consideration.

Consider applying to these schools if you wish to pursue this career option.

  1. John Jay College of Criminal Justice – Master of Arts in Criminal Psychology
  2. Tiffin UniversityBachelor of Criminal Justice in Forensic Psychology
  3. Missouri State UniversityForensic Child Psychology Graduate Certificate Program 
  4. University of California – IrvineMaster of Legal and Forensic Psychology
  5. University of DenverMasters of Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology Salary

Forensic psychologists currently earn a salary that tops out around $100,000 for the average worker. Some make a wage that is below $40,000 per year, while the top 10% in the field can earn as much as $133,500 per year.

That places the average pay range for this career in the 75th percentile in the United States.

Forensic Psychology Online Courses

Although most forensic psychology programs require you to take in-person classes instead of online courses, there are some virtual classrooms available to those who already hold an undergraduate degree in a related field.

You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, social work, psychology, or victim advocacy before applying to an online graduate program in forensic psychology.

The top 3 schools currently offering online degrees are:

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