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  • criminal profilers

    Criminal Profilers in Real Life

    Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases found on this page. Thanks for your support! With the popularity of shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Mindhunter,” many people have become familiar with criminal profiling as a way to collar difficult-to-catch offenders. The practice of developing psychological profiles of criminals based on the […]

  • The 10 Scariest Ted Bundy True Crime Videos on YouTube

    Greetings, True Crime aficionadas! Up for another round of binge-watching Youtube videos? Well, you’re all in for a treat. This time around, we’ll be sharing documentaries and news snippets on one of the most terrifying serial killers ever – Ted Bundy. Hold your horses! Believe us – we do know that Ted Bundy’s a hot […]

  • film negatives

    The Horrifying Story of Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer

    Once dubbed as a killing machine by a detective, Rodney Alcala aka “The Dating Game Killer” is one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century.   The Dating Game Killer Podcast (Episode 1) This is an excellent podcast from Wondery. While most killers prefer to operate in the dark, Alcala likes the […]

  • forensic lab

    Infamous Serial Killers Undone by Forensic Evidence

    Serial killers try their best to hide their true nature from the outside world. They hide in plain sight looking just as normal as the next person. They are difficult to track down because they rarely leave any evidence behind and are long gone from the crime scene by the time authorities arrive. But thanks […]

  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 3]

    As mentioned in Part 2 of Serial Killers in Japan, Lucie Blackman was the first victim but Joji Obara still wasn’t done with his horrendous appetite for murdering women. There Were More… This wasn’t the first murder Obara was linked to. Similar to the Blackman case, investigators discovered that Obara was a prime suspect in […]

  • Asian serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 2]

    In Part 1 of Serial Killers that Terrified Japan, we looked at three notorious serial killers from Japan’s history. In this article, we dive in and look at two more.  Japan is not only a place where a unique and colorful culture is to be experienced. In fact, the country does have its fair share […]

  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan

    As a country with a low crime rate, Japan still has its share of gruesome and bizarre crimes. This appears to be true, even though generally it’s way below than what is typically recorded in the United States. Perhaps as a byproduct of repression or social status, serial murder crimes in Japan may actually be […]

  • serial killer mind

    In A Mind Of A Serial Killer

    When you hear the words Serial Killer, what do you think? A serial crime means repeatedly committing the same offense and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern while a serial killer is a person who determines a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and usually following a unique, predictable behavior pattern. Many […]

  • true crime writing

    The History of True Crime Writing

    Ted Bundy. Charles Manson. Jeffrey Dahmer. The names of these people are forever etched in the memories of the American public thanks to the gruesome crimes they committed and the mystery surrounding their crimes.   Their notoriety was also amplified thanks in part to the media frenzy, as well as the numerous literary works and […]

  • murder mystery

    Snipping the Veil of Anonymity: DNA Test Reveals Jack the Ripper’s Identity

    Recently, genetic tests done on a silk shawl revealed the identity of notorious – and probably, the most famous – serial killer, Jack the Ripper. A groundbreaking feat, considering the tons of theories and suspects speculated throughout a century concerning the murderer and his/her motives. Let’s find out more on how the mystery behind the […]

  • serial killer quotes

    11 Ted Bundy Quotes Reveal How Serial Killers Think

    Ted Bundy quotes like the one above are captivating, as we conjure images of Hannibal Lector and other fictional masterminds who seem to have a special window into the monsters that roam our streets. Ted Bundy was part of the golden age of serial killers in the 70’s, along with John Wayne Gacy, Son of […]