Forensic Files Youtube Channel – Full Episodes

Forensic Files on Youtube

Thanks to the producers of Forensic Files (FilmRise) and their Youtube channel, the show is freely available for streaming online. We've gathered season 13 episodes above. The other seasons are available here.

Forensic Files TV Show

Forensic Files is the longest running forensic true crime series on television. The show ran 14 seasons and is in syndication around the world to this day. Each episode details the forensic evidence and techniques that brought the criminals to justice.

The show also highlighted careers in forensic science jobs such as forensic anthropology, forensic psychology and forensic odontology to name a few.

It provides a wealth of information for educators, with easy-to-understand explanations that avoid depicting any extreme violence.

Forensic Files Voice

The most recognizable voice on television is the Forensic Files narrator, Peter Thomas. His narration was the bedrock of the show. His bio is a great source of info for fans of the show.


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