10 Strange True Crime Documentaries on YouTube You’ve Never Seen

Hello, True Crime aficionadas!

We’re sharing 10 of the strangest true crime documentaries that you can stream on Youtube! Gorgeous female killers? ... Necrophilia? ... this collection has enough creepy, fascinating stories to keep you watching all night.

Get ready to binge…

1. Brenda Spencer Documentary | I Don't Like Mondays

Let's start off this long list with a bizarre teenage femme fatale.

January 29, 1979 -  a day the Grover Cleveland Elementary School will never forget. 16-year-old girl, Brenda Spencer, shot two dead and injured nine. The reason? She didn't like Mondays ...

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2. Drug Lords - Charlotte Lindstrom (Australian Crime)

Sometimes, the worst criminals don't even get their hands dirty. 

So was the case for Charlotte Lindstrom, who in 2007, attempted to hire a hitman to wipe out two witnesses in a drug trial. She definitely doesn't look like she belongs in the criminal underworld - she has the looks worthy of a supermodel ...true crime forensics logo fingerprint


3. Prime Suspect (Crime Documentary)


There is always something more than meets the eye for the most devious killers.

For Mitchell Quy's case, he painted a picture of him being a devoted and loving husband seeking help in finding his missing wife. Little did anyone know that he was the killer himself! Considering that the twisted killer has been in the media limelight for a little more than a year searching for his wife, the attention-seeking Quy truly has something sinister and wrong in his head ...

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If love moves mountains, so can it kill if it is twisted and rationalized as so. This video will make you ponder on how killers rationalize their actions as just, all in the name of love!

Do expect both brutal and psychological insights for this one. The unravelling of the lies that Melinda Harmon and Mark Mangelsdorf spoke of almost a decade ago may bring out the sleuth in you!

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5. The Murder of Emma Walker

Women - beware an ex scorned. On the surface level, everything seemed perfect for Emma Walker and Riley Gaul. A fun and inspiring cheerleader and football player couple, everything went down south when Gaul reared the monster within.

Jealous of others being with his girlfriend, Gaul would make ways to control every bit of Walker's life. As toxic it may be, the beautiful cheerleader cut ties with the player.

Seemingly, doing so also made her cut her life apart, with Gaul putting a bullet in her head.

6. The Baby-Faced Killer | Crime Investigation Australia 

Place too much pressure on something, expect that something to blow up. The same can be said for us humans, with pent-up emotions never a good thing to contain.

Sef Gonzales found this the hard way. Stripped of using his own car because of poor school grades, and with all sorts of white collar career options expected of him, the then-young Gonzales just snapped. Trying to mask the murder of his family as an Asian hate crime, the young killer was eventually arrested when he started to choke on the massive web of lies he had spun.

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7. 15 Year old Killer Girl's Story

Did she do it? Way back in 2004, Cyntoia Brown was convicted of murdering Johnny Allen, a man who wanted to solicit her for sexual services. 16 when the murder was committed, Cyntoia was surprisingly sentenced for life in prison!

What makes this documentary such a thrill to watch is because of Cyntoia's personality. An intelligent woman, one may have to wonder if she really did kill Allen!

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8. Diary Solves Crime: The Alyssa Bustamante case

The teenage years, though brimming with a vision towards a bright future, can also be the darkest. For Alyssa Bustamante, a typical 15-year-old teen, it was bizarre. Having killed her 9-year old neighbor, Alyssa quickly jotted down an entry in her diary. She wrote on how thrilling the experience was, ironically ending it that she needs to go to church soon.

Forensic science investigators found the diary. Alyssa is now behind bars.

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9. The Murder of Regan Tokes

Gone too soon, Reagan Delaney Tokes truly deserved better. Robbed and eventually raped, she was then forced to walk out naked in a field.

Two bullets were then lodged into her head.

All because that Brian Golsby was out in the open. This madman, who was supposed to be in jail, found an opportunity to act out his darkest desires because no official was guarding and monitoring him in the temporary housing program he was placed in.

Who is to blame? Golsby by being the monster that terrifies (and consumes) women? Or the local state government who can't seem to allot resources or manage prisoners at all?

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10. Necrophile and Serial Killer: Dennis Nilsen (Crime Documentary)

[Warning: This video has graphic crime scene content]

Let us end this list with a vicious monster that we really wouldn't want to encounter! Dennis Nilsen, a civil servant, committed some of the most gruesome crimes ever to have happened in London.

With most of his victims strangled to death, Dennis also explored thrills that only a corpse can provide. Either by having a corpse stay with him to keep him company (with Nilsen also dressing dolls up in his home), Dennis would also engage in necrophilia with his victims.

A sick individual who could have had a brilliant mind instead!

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Ok, time to sleep ... if you can ...

We hope that the recommendations mentioned above will get you in the True Crime zone.

Do you have other documentaries to share? Let us know!

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