Carolina® One Bite Out of Crime™ Kit (24 Students)


Kemtec®. All humans are born with the same number and type of teeth, but everyone has a unique dental pattern. One Bite Out of Crime™ equips students with the skills that have helped forensic odontologists assess bite marks, identify individuals in mass disasters, and ID remains.

Using the information provided, students make a cast of their own upper jaw, learn to identify teeth placement, make dental charts, learn the metric analysis of a bite mark, and match dental charts to identify a body.

Kit includes enough materials for 24 students working in groups of 4, as well as teacher, student, and assessment manuals.


Components Qty Included?
Dentist Worksheet Included
Patient Chart Student Data Sheets Included
Assistants Worksheet Included
Tooth Development Diagram Student Data Sheets Included
Tooth Eruption at 5 Years Student Data Sheets Included
Latex Gloves Included
Magic Marker Included
Working Teeth Model Student Data Sheets Included
Teeth Bite Trays (small and medium) Included
Alginate™ Mold Material Included
Plaster Paris Included
Tongue Depressors (used for stirring and inspection) Included
Plastic Cups, 12 oz Included
Plastic Measuring Cups, 3.5 oz Included
Plastic Measuring Cups, 2 oz Included
Zip-lock Bags Included
Metric Analysis of Bite Mark Student Data Sheets Included
Metric Rulers, 6 in Included
Making Bite Mark Evidence In Wax Student Data Sheets Included
Wax Bite Plates Included
Identifying Bite Marks in Wax Student Data Sheets Included
Identifying Suspect by Matching Teeth Cast to Wax Bite Plane Student Data Sheets Included
Instructor’s Manual Included
Assessment Manual Included

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