Carolina® Drugs and Poisons Analysis Kit


Kemtec®. Chemical analytical techniques are used to identify over-the-counter drugs and to detect heavy metals in a simulated poisoning. Simulated controlled substances are tested. Students are introduced to qualitative analysis in the interesting context of criminal investigation.

Materials are sufficient for 24 students working in 6 groups of 4 students.


Simulated LSD Included
Simulated Marijuana Included
Crime Scene Powder Included
Universal Indicator Included
Simulated Urine Alanine Included
Simulated Urine Glycine Included
Simulated Urine Unknown Included
Acetic Acid Included
Acidified Ferric Nitrate Solution Included
Potassium Chromate Solution Included
Hydrochloric Acid Solution Included
Lead Nitrate Solution Included
Unknown Heavy Metal Included
Mercury I Nitrate Solution Included
Butanol Included
Acetone Included
Ninhydrin Included
Universal Indicator chart Included
Q-Tips Included
Depression Plates Included
Effervescent Tablets Included
Sodium Bicarbonate Included
Aspirin Included
Tylenol Included
Pipettes Included
Plastic Bottles with Dropper Caps Included
Red Toothpicks Included
Capillary Tubes Included
Chromatography Paper Included
Instructor’s Manual Included
Student Manual and Student Data Sheets Included

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