This Month in True Crime (June, 2019)

Greetings, True Crime aficionadas. It has been a busy month, but we sure are glad you’re here to hang out and learn more about the gritty and seedy world we’re in. We’ve gathered the hottest highlights in the crime scene for the past couple of weeks in this article.

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Infamous Serial Killers Undone by Forensic Evidence

forensic lab

First up, we’ve got this writeup on some of the most notorious criminals caught with the use of forensic evidence. Through the use of forensic science, even the most careful and vile masterminds would actually leave a clue in crime scenes. Everything is scrutinized – every single detail, as minuscule as it can be, can unravel a thread of mystique that criminals use to hide! 

And this is why forensics is such an exciting field to explore! The numerous processes devised, the tools used to uncover hidden truths, and even pinpointing the tiniest of details that would otherwise be taken for granted are all covered by this awesome methodology!

And perhaps what makes this article an even more exciting read is that most criminals caught because of forensic evidence are individuals who you’d think are the farthest to commit any gruesome act. Come to think of it, the most violent of killers are often people who blend in the background, or those, who at first glance, would actually look like the most innocent of folks. 

There are cases, though, such as the one tackled in the article, of Jerry “Animal” McFadden, are what one would consider as a monster. Aren’t we all glad then that because of forensics, behemoths such as McFadden were caught?

The Zodiac Killer: 50 Years of Unsolved Crime

If there is anyone or anything that has terrorized and baffled authorites when it comes to murder, an often-mentioned name would be the Zodiac Killer. Terrorizing Northern California for almost an entire decade (from 1960 to 1970), the killer has never been caught and is considered to still be a threat even as of today!

Similar to the famous Jack the Ripper (who, recently, may have been identified because of forensic evidence – hooray!), the Zodiac Killer is such as an appealing topic in the true crime scene namely because of these factors:

  • Numerous murders have been linked to the individual – even though there is a definite lack of evidence that will prove otherwise.
  • These murders were linked to the murderer namely because of the killer admitting to it – a twisted type of fame? An attention seeker? You be the judge!
  • The killer admitted to these killings due to several letters sent out to the local San Francisco Bay Area press.
  • The letters the killer sent out would often mock and torment law enforcement.
  • The letters also contained cryptograms – among four known letters that contained these puzzles, only one has been notably solved.
  • The moniker Zodiac stemmed from these evil letters – a way for the killer to stamp his name in history (well, he succeeded in this!)?
  • Forensic scientists encountered numerous problems pinpointing a suspect – the Zodiac Killer made sure to maintain minimal contact on both his/her letters and on every scene of the crime!

The case remains open, even today. Who committed these crimes?

Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan (Series)

Japanese serial killers

Shedding some much-needed light on an Asian country, we’re more than proud to reveal some of the nastiest criminal minds out of (sometimes bizarre) Japan!

Part 1

The first part of this gruesome series puts the spotlight on these twisted individuals:

Akira Nishiguchi

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to criminals. Akira Nishiguchi, a small-time crook who turned big-time because of a weird sequence of events is a good case for pinpointing vile criminals. More often than not, a combination of circumstances and hidden urges can be the perfect formula in transforming a meek being to the most terrifying of beasts in the criminal world!

Kiyoshi Okubo

A beast is within all of us. This being may never manifest for the majority of the populace. Oftentimes, this creature lives off thrills and the like with the many distractions and opportunities that life has to offer.


But for others, living a life of no direction or parental nurture may breed this beast into reality. Such was the case for Kiyoshi Okubo, who, at an early age, was exposed to a life of darkness. No matter if he wanted to contain the monster within, this crimianl acted out on his impulses and commited a line of rape and murder that rocked Japan in the early ’70’s!

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Beware the nerd. Tsutomu Miyazaki, who had the physical description of a textbook geek, was actually one of Japan’s most notorious serial killers! The vile acts this monster committed cannot be contained in a paragraph – check the article out for more information!

Part 2

The second part gives a good perspective on criminals absorbed by this gloomy abyss in the country:

Yukio Yamaji

The youth, if not fostered, can transform into the most scariest of individuals to terrorize a country. Yukio Yamaji, a deviant (who some may actually argue be a victim to Japan’s social system) who with so much pent-up emotions within, acted out on his demons and lashed out to the people closest to him. Who would have known that a young man was capable of such a bizarre crime?

Joji Obara

Japan hides a rather strange industry. The nightlife, which is mixed with a tinge of pseudo-companionships and sexual pursuits, can also be a the perfect place to hide a serial killer. And Joji Obara is one creature to hide in these neon-lighted and smoky joints!

Part 3

The third part of the series contains arguably the strangest (and most) evil individual out of this country.

Issei Sagawa

A cannibal. Who is out in the open. Need we say more?

In The Mind Of A Serial Killer

serial killer mind

Lastly, we’d like to point out this entertaining article on what makes a serial killer tick. What drives a human being to kill? Is it mental illness? Do we all have something within that makes us drive out carnal desires to simply kill (or, we hope not – consume) others? This writeup points out several key factors on drives a person to commit these vile acts!

Stay tuned for more articles from us! Stay safe, everyone.

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