The Best True Crime Series in this Year So Far (2019)

Hey there, True Crime aficionadas.

This year’s true crime tv viewing has been pretty awesome. Lots of true crime series out of the woodwork for us all to enjoy! Let’s list down some of the top recommendations that you should get your hands on (if you still haven’t!)!

I Am A Killer

As one of the most recent series on Netflix (also available on Crime+Investigation UK), I Am A Killer showcases the bizarre world of true crime – through the eyes of evil! Based on initial reviews, the documentary series brings in the terrifying perspective of convicted criminals – why they did those crimes, what pushed them to the brink of madness, how they’re dealing with the demons they have. This is a definite series that’ll hook you in – and keep you up at night!

Confessions With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Another Netflix documentary thriller released early this year, Confessions With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes highlights the gritty and terrifying case of the mentioned murderer. Released as well in commemoration of the serial murderer’s 30th anniversary of his execution, the series brings to light (and in effect, exposes us all to the darkness) the seedy details of the man’s motives to simply kill. What makes this series even more gruesome is that there does seem to be something sinister from all these archival footage – it is as if we are peeking into the face of evil in this series!


Amazon Prime may have had perhaps introduced some of the most intriguing true crime series that you may want to sink your teeth into this year. Lorena, which reintroduces the viewing public to an early 90’s crime act, may seem to be an apt documentary series for this generation. What a difference a few decades may make – from a rather light (and perhaps, bizarre and surreal) outburst from the public then (the focus was on the “pro-male” side that time), to a strong and just #MeToo movement that we’re all living in and moving forward to (yay!), this does seem to be a good wake-up call for all. Castrating your partner’s penis – who’s to blame? This is really an engaging series to watch and talk about!


The Case Against Adnan Syed

HBO’s take on the main topic of the first season of the ever amazing true crime podcast, Serial, may just be the thing for you to keep tabs on this case’s killer. But, did he really kill Hae Min Lee? This series (it may be a mixed bag for some – considering that both Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed were both reimagined in several scenes) may be riding on the wave brought about by Serial – but you do have to admit, there truly is something engaging with this story. What do you think? 


And since we’re on a roll with HBO, let us also include this hit on our list. A fictional retelling of the Chernobyl nuclear fallout disaster that happened during the 80’s, Chernobyl details the very gruesome narrative of what the then Soviet Union had to deal with. We’re including this series mainly because it tells the very real (even if it’s a creative take) story of the psychological designs of true crime. Pride, of higher management considering everyone as fodder to save their skin. Greed, of containing the truth even though of the long-term effects of nuclear waste. Death, of people simply doing their jobs for a greater good (good, of course, will always be a subjective matter). This is a series that will definitely delight true crime junkies!


Delhi Crime

Straight out from a horrifying gang rape case in India, Delhi Crime is a fresh take on how local authorities tackled and caught the perverted criminals in a really swift manner. What makes this series a hit is that it does not bank on the idea of reenacting the actual crime act – by focusing on the police force’s actions, and the many individuals’ precise decisions to catch crooks, this is truly one true crime series that will make you believe in justice.



From India, let us know head on over to an entertaining British series. Informer mainly deals with some of the most terrifying crime acts the world has faced these past few years – terrorism. Without saying too much about this series’ premise, this show tackles a nice perspective on how police informants work. The danger involved the cultural barriers and struggles faced by these individuals are definitely hooks that will keep your eyes glued to your screen!


I Am the Night

This TNT series swooped in from nowhere and hooked fans. Who murdered Elizabeth Short, who was given the more popular (and chilling) name “Black Dahlia” during the late 40’s? Why was she brutally killed? Who would have done such a crime? And how, several generations later, that no one has been caught? And how does this murder connect to Fauna Hodel? This series, based on Hodel’s hit true crime memoir, will make you ponder on several disturbing ideas!

Want to watch more?

This is truly a great year for true crime! And there are even more engaging series still to be released this year!

Check out our other articles to get into the deep end of a killer’s mind! And of course, make sure to visit our store for some nice true crime merch. Stay safe, everyone.


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