Greetings, True Crime aficionadas!

Up for another round of binge-watching Youtube videos? Well, you’re all in for a treat. This time around, we’ll be sharing documentaries and news snippets on one of the most terrifying serial killers ever – Ted Bundy.

Hold your horses! Believe us – we do know that Ted Bundy’s a hot topic! But there really is something sinister with this killer. And these videos were able to capture that odd feeling that there’s someone out there…

…honestly, check these videos out. Goosebumps are guaranteed!

Ted Bundy documentary – In his own words

The channel, Serial Killers Documentaries, showcases several interesting videos on all sorts of murderers. As one of many Ted Budy highlights in this channel, what makes this MNSBC feature posted on this channel stand out among others is the weird feeling it exudes…

Don’t watch this alone and make sure to have your lights open. Is it the chilling voice of the narrator? Is it the use of video and still shots of an audio recorder (yes – you read that right. A simple and innocent audio recording device) imposed on many of Bundy’s interviews and court hearings? There really is something weird going on here!


 America’s Most EVIL Serial Killer – Ted Bundy

This interesting video highlights the Ted Bundy narrative in a really cool and interesting manner. Done to give you straight-to-the-point information, this video is actually a really great resource when you want to learn more about Ted Bundy.

But, is it scary? Well, do not judge a book by its cover – that’s what they all say anyway! The use of playful imagery and bright colors may jar your senses. Around the middle part of this “The Infographics Show” video, you’d realize that these cute animated drawings will jolt your beliefs – seeing that smiling and bright man strangling a woman on bed  isn’t something you see everyday!


 Was My Mom Followed By Ted Bundy?

Ted Bundy doesn’t even need to appear in a video to make it scary. This really engaging BuzzFeedVideo true crime entry features a man simply narrating his mother’s supposed encounter with Bundy.

You know that gloomy feeling you get on campfire ghost story sessions? The guy does a good job giving you just that. It’s a simple story – but it’s bound to make you really anxious!

BuzzFeedVideo does a great job of using stock images to re-enact the person’s story. It’s just like that – you’d think it’s funny (oh, haha! A badly-drawn silhouette standing by an image of a lake). And then you realize that this stock images blends perfectly with the guy’s story.

The horror! And since this video’s about talking about murder, we’ve got the perfect shirt for you here.

Ted Bundy Victim Recalls Her Encounter With The Serial Killer

Here’s another video that you may initially dismiss as a simple Dr. Phil interview. 

It’s actually a chilling tale that Rhonda Staple shared on this show. Without spoiling you all that much, Staple’s tale (and decision to share it to the world) is a grim reminder that some of the best and charismatic killers often wear a mask that hides a gruesome monster that can destroy your world inside-out!

Worse, if this killer cannot murder (because of sheer luck, as it was for Staple’s case), the damage this disturbed individual has already committed can make any woman to hide in shame. as My Mom Followed By Ted Bundy?


Ted Bundy Takes Stand

ArchiveNewsFootage managed to upload amazing footage of a moment during Bundy’s court hearing.

Taking the stand, Bundy does exude some amazing charm. His suave appearance to his angelic voice that can swoon almost everyone are all direct contradictions to his crimes.

It’s terrifying. The more you watch this footage, the more it does seem that Bundy is a different and higher level of a madman. This bizarre charisma seems to be the stuff of nightmares – probably only he can charm his way to a woman’s heart by being this demented! 


Recalling Ted Bundy’s execution, 30 years later: “Why is he smiling at us?”

Going with the idea mentioned earlier of “Ted Bundy doesn’t even need to appear on the video to make it scary”, this video does an excellent job of scaring you crazy…

This Fox13 News report featured two individuals present during Bundy’s execution. “Score a victory for everyone! Goodbye, Ted Bundy! We won;t miss you! Good riddance!”

Such was the mood outside when people cheered for Bundy’s execution.

But right inside the execution chamber, Bundy simply smiled at all present. Why did he do that? Ponder on that thought – that killer’s smile may just make you lose some sleep!

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 Ted Bundy Trial Bundy Receives Death Sentence

Another ArchiveNewsFootage entry, this video showcases the part where the judge sentence Bundy to death.

Probably even more than Bundy’s seemingly nonchalant attitude (and his wayward logic that he’s innocent), the judge’s parting words to the killer will make you think.

What are those words? Watch to find out!


As part of Rob Gavagan’s true crime series of murders, this video explains the entire Ted Bundy trail of terror in a concise yet fun manner.

The pictures of Bundy’s many victims will not only scare you – you’d feel sad for their families who had to endure going to hell and back because of a deranged man!

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Murderous Minds: Ted Bundy | Serial Killer Documentary 

Now this some really amazing stuff. Done in such a way to not only scare you, this really informative true crime documentary highlights what good reporting – and editing – can result in a really interesting project. 

Ted Bundy Interview (1977) (Rare footage) (Recopilation)

Low resolution delight! Do not be distracted by this video’s quality.

Bundy’s disheveled look in this video goes perfectly well with the grainy video. Everything seems to be the stuff of horror once you start seeing at the screen! Plugging this in if you’re using a laptop to watch this interview – this merch’s perfect for true crime fans!

Hope you get your Ted Bundy fix with the links mentioned above!

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