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  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 3]

    As mentioned in Part 2 of Serial Killers in Japan, Lucie Blackman was the first victim but Joji Obara still wasn’t done with his horrendous appetite for murdering women. There Were More… This wasn’t the first murder Obara was linked to. Similar to the Blackman case, investigators discovered that Obara was a prime suspect in […]

  • Asian serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 2]

    In Part 1 of Serial Killers that Terrified Japan, we looked at three notorious serial killers from Japan’s history. In this article, we dive in and look at two more.  Japan is not only a place where a unique and colorful culture is to be experienced. In fact, the country does have its fair share […]

  • serial killer mind

    In A Mind Of A Serial Killer

    When you hear the words Serial Killer, what do you think? A serial crime means repeatedly committing the same offense and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern while a serial killer is a person who determines a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and usually following a unique, predictable behavior pattern. Many […]