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There’s something fun delving into the unknown, of knowing each and every detail of a crime scene. Or, for something more cerebral, what exactly goes on in a serial killer’s mind.

Tandem writers (author, Jack Rosewood; co-author, Rebecca Lo), truly know their stuff. It’s currently one of the most popular and most reviewed true crime books on Amazon.

What’s it About?

The Big Book of Serial Killers is essentially a whopping encyclopedia of a hundred plus serial killers. From well-known killers (such as the popular Aileen Wuornos, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy) to foreign criminals that may very well match up to the worst of humanity, everyone’s in for a surprise with the detailed accounts listed in this book. 

According to the description on Amazon, “Each of the serial killer files includes information on when and how they killed the victims, the background of each killer, or the suspects in some cases such as the Zodiac killer, their trials and punishments. For some there are chilling quotes by the killers themselves. The Big Book of Serial Killers is an easy to follow collection of information on the world’s most heinous murderers.”

Raves and Tomatoes 

Here are several reviews of the book from readers:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Great to refer to when listening to podcasts and reading about true crime cases.”   Mel – review snippet from bookopia.com.au 

⭐⭐⭐ “Now if you’re like me and go more into depth with serial killers via books, documentaries, and/or youtube channels this will feel like it’s lacking in some of the serial killers that you know. While if you’re new to the world of learning about serial killers and don’t want to know every gruesome fact, this would be a perfect start.”   Jamie – review snippet from https://www.goodreads.com

⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve read more than one book of the “encyclopedia” types but this is by far the best one I’ve read. The layout is perfect. If you person who likes a clean, logically laid out book like I do this is the book for you. The pertinent information is first followed by sections for background, the crimes, capture and trial, and sometimes even trivia.”  Ada – review snippet from https://www.amazon.com

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”A comprehensive collection of mini biographies of many of the world’s most famous serial killers, this encyclopedia-like book is interesting and detailed. It’s over 700 pages long too.”  LibStaff2 – review snippet from https://www.librarything.com

“Easy reading? No, because of the subject matter but not the style of journalism. This is another important book from Jack Rosewood as assisted by Rebecca Lo. We must remain vigilant.”  Grady Harp – review snippet from http://www.sanfranciscoreviewofbooks.com

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