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Forensic Nursing

If you have a passion for helping people while also putting the bad guys away, then a career in forensic nursing might be perfect for you. This job will have you work in a clinical setting, seeing patients who are victims of a crime, and then helping to collect evidence that will work to put the perpetrator behind bars.

Forensic Nursing Definition

Forensic nursing gained a specialty recognition in 1995 by the American Nurses Association. It requires the application of forensic science with the psychological and biological education of a registered nurse to assist in the trauma and investigation of trauma-related issues.

This role helped to create the position of SANE nurses in the United States. These professionals assist with sexual assault cases to provide standardized care for victims while offering access to information for their colleagues.

Forensic Nursing Job Description

A forensic nurse has two essential jobs to fulfill with each shift: to care for their patients and to collect evidence for investigators. Working in this field require interactions with victims and family members who have suffered an injury or violence of some type. They can also serve as a medical examiner in some communities.

Many forensic nurses work in hospital emergency rooms, but there are employment opportunities in mental health, psychiatric, and victim’s advocate organizations. Some provide outpatient services to their clientele. All must be prepared to offer their testimony in court to discuss their findings during an investigation.

Forensic Nursing Book

If you are thinking about a career in forensic nursing, then these are the best books available right now to see if this career option is right for you.

Each of these books offers an in-depth look at what daily life is like as a forensic nurse from a different perspective.

Forensic Nursing College Programs

You must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing before you can be considered for a position within this forensic field. These are the best programs that are currently offering training in this area.

Cleveland State University
Xavier University
Mount Mercy University

Forensic Nursing Salary

Forensic nurses earn a salary which is slightly higher than the typical RN because of their specialty. The average wage currently offered is $39 per hour, but it can be almost double that for people who have 10+ years of experience and are living in a large urban area. Some nurses can earn upwards of $150,000 per year in this forensic field.

Forensic Nursing Online Courses

Online forensic nursing courses are challenging to find because of the educational requirements of this field. Most programs will require you to complete a residency of some length, even if you enroll in virtual classes.

There are currently two schools that provide a comprehensive education in this field: Duquesne University and Fitchburg State University.

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