Forensic Classroom Activities and Lab Supplies

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Aside from having a great teacher, forensic crime scene kits are essential to classroom demonstrations and experiments. In a classroom (or home-based) setting, these kits will allow future forensic scientists to experience evidence collection “hands on”.

Kits are a convenient way to buy everything you need for an activity, such as ballistic & firearm identification, footwear impression, blood spatter & DNA, as well as electrophoresis, fingerprinting and more. These self-contained kits often come with gamified learning and activity sheets, as well.

One of the best ways to shop crime scene kits is by price. Generally speaking …

  • Under $50 is typically for a single student or a small group station.
  • Under $200 will provide enough equipment for an entire class to do a single activity.
  • Over $200+ is typically for an entire class to do multiple activities.

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