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  • three-identical-strangers-review

    True Crime Forensics Review: Three Identical Strangers

    *Click above to rent or download on Amazon (affiliate link) Life sometimes throws bizarre coincidences. Released just last year, the documentary Three Identical Strangers highlighted the strange circumstances behind the reunion of three long-lost twins – and the subsequently surreal questions raised of their initial separation. As like other documentary and film reviews, spoilers are […]

  • blood spatter

    Once Upon a Blood Spatter: The Complete Guide

    Dead men tell no tales but blood spatters do. The analysis of the shapes, patterns and locations of blood stains has become a field of specialization in forensic science to piece together how events unfolded during a shooting, stabbing or beating. Depending on the type of injury inflicted, blood can spurt, drip, gush, ooze, spray […]

  • criminal profilers

    Criminal Profilers in Real Life

    Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases found on this page. Thanks for your support! With the popularity of shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Mindhunter,” many people have become familiar with criminal profiling as a way to collar difficult-to-catch offenders. The practice of developing psychological profiles of criminals based on the […]

  • The Best Forensic Crime Scene Kits to Bring Out Awesome Detectives in Students

    Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases found on this page. Thanks for your support! Let’s dive in! Aside from having a great teacher, resources and tools such as forensic crime scene kits are essential in an aspiring investigator’s growth. In a classroom (or home-based) setting, these kits will allow future […]

  • fetal abductions

    Thy Womb Undone: Shedding Some Light on Fetal Abductions

    Warning: This article deals with the sensitive topic of fetal abductions. While there are no gruesome photos and only limited descriptions are in the article … we advise this is an “adult” article.   Evil. Just pure evil. A rare and terrifying criminal act recently made the news. Fetal abduction, with approximately just around 30 […]

  • true crime documentaries on Youtube

    10 Strange True Crime Documentaries on YouTube You’ve Never Seen

    This page is continuously updated. (July 14, 2020) We’re sharing 10 of the strangest true crime documentaries that you can stream on Youtube! Gorgeous female killers? … Necrophilia? … Killer cops? This collection has enough creepy, fascinating stories to keep you watching all night. Get ready to binge… 1. The Interrogation of Police Officer Stephanie […]

  • film negatives

    The Horrifying Story of Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer

    Once dubbed as a killing machine by a detective, Rodney Alcala aka “The Dating Game Killer” is one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century.   The Dating Game Killer Podcast (Episode 1) This is an excellent podcast from Wondery. While most killers prefer to operate in the dark, Alcala likes the […]

  • true crime documentary

    True Crime Forensics Review: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

    There are some true crime stories, even if it happened many years ago, that still create such a buzz today. So much so, even, would-be stories that aren’t even meant to be a true crime tale – but because of certain circumstances, transformed into a narrative of terror. Such would be the case for the […]

  • forensic lab

    Infamous Serial Killers Undone by Forensic Evidence

    Serial killers try their best to hide their true nature from the outside world. They hide in plain sight looking just as normal as the next person. They are difficult to track down because they rarely leave any evidence behind and are long gone from the crime scene by the time authorities arrive. But thanks […]

  • The Zodiac Killer: 50 Years of Unsolved Crime

    Since the killing began and until today, the mystery of the Zodiac Killer remains to be solved. It’s a crime that’s been going on for centuries, with people scratching their heads and wondering who it could be and what drove him to insanity. One thing’s for sure, the fame of the Zodiac Killer is now […]

  • Japanese serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 3]

    As mentioned in Part 2 of Serial Killers in Japan, Lucie Blackman was the first victim but Joji Obara still wasn’t done with his horrendous appetite for murdering women. There Were More… This wasn’t the first murder Obara was linked to. Similar to the Blackman case, investigators discovered that Obara was a prime suspect in […]

  • Asian serial killers

    Serial Killers Who Terrified Japan [Part 2]

    In Part 1 of Serial Killers that Terrified Japan, we looked at three notorious serial killers from Japan’s history. In this article, we dive in and look at two more.  Japan is not only a place where a unique and colorful culture is to be experienced. In fact, the country does have its fair share […]

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