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    10 Strange True Crime Documentaries on YouTube You’ve Never Seen

    Hello, True Crime aficionadas! We’re sharing 10 of the strangest true crime documentaries that you can stream on Youtube! Gorgeous female killers? … Necrophilia? … this collection has enough creepy, fascinating stories to keep you watching all night. Get ready to binge… 1. Brenda Spencer Documentary | I Don’t Like Mondays Let’s start off this […]

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    The Horrifying Story of Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer

    Once dubbed as a killing machine by a detective, Rodney Alcala aka “The Dating Game Killer” is one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century.   The Dating Game Killer Podcast (Episode 1) This is an excellent podcast from Wondery. While most killers prefer to operate in the dark, Alcala likes the […]

  • True Crime Forensics Podcast Review: Insomniac

    True Crime Forensics Podcast Review: Monster Presents: Insomniac Love makes us do crazy things. In Herbert Richard “Herb” Baumeister’s case, who lived a picture-perfect life on the surface level, love was what made him the ideal person. He was, first and foremost, a passionate husband, a devoted father, and a hardworking business owner who had […]