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  • forensic linguistics

    Forensic Linguistic Jobs: How do words catch criminals?

    If you love to study languages, then you will enjoy a career in linguistics. This field is one of the most diverse in all of the forensic sciences. When you possess a degree in linguistics, you can find work as a translator as a liaison with law enforcement. It gives you the opportunity to teach […]

  • forensic anthropology

    Forensic Anthropology: Clues in the Bones

    If you love to pursue an ancient mystery, then you will enjoy a career in forensic anthropology. You will become the ultimate “cold case” detective in this field, studying the remains of humans sometimes thousands of years old to unlock new information about who we are and from where we came. You will also assist […]

  • forensic psychology jobs

    Forensic Psychology: Jobs, Salary and Where to Learn

     Thinking about a forensic psychology job? If you have an interest in criminal justice and psychology, then it makes sense to merge your passions in the pursuit of a career opportunity. You can do just that by pursuing a job in forensic psychology. Although this career option was popularized on television and in movies, […]

  • Zodiac Killer letter

    Forensic Science Jobs: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

      Did you know that one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the world is in Forensic science? Our technology is ever-changing, and with those changes comes advancements in the way we collect and process evidence, conduct investigations, and care for human beings. Over the years forensic science has become popular on television being featured […]

  • difference psychopath vs sociopath

    Psychopath Traits: Is it genetic?

    Psychopath Meaning When we hear the word psychopath we usually think of crazy killers like Hannibal Lector or Ted Bundy. While those two are both remorseless, self aggrandizing, mentally ill guys … there are a lot of less famous and garden variety psychopaths that walk among us today. What does it mean exactly to be […]