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We’re sharing 10 of the strangest true crime documentaries that you can stream on Youtube! Tinder date killers? … A killer who underwent plastic surgery to avoid being caught? … Killer mothers? This collection has enough creepy, fascinating stories to keep you watching all night.

Get ready to binge…

1. Stranger than Fiction: Murdering the Nanny



In 2017, a couple killed Sophie Lionnet, their 21-year-old nanny who cared for their two children. After murdering her, they threw her body on a bonfire in the garden in their backyard to burn her remains and try to cover up the murder. The investigation would reveal the shocking torture and abuse the nanny endured while working for the family that would ultimately lead to her death.


2. The Killer That Deformed His Own Face | The Disturbing Case of Tatsuya Ichihashi



Lindsay Hawker, a British college student, took a semester off in 2007 to study abroad in Japan and teach English. After an odd encounter on the street, she felt obligated to agree to teach English to a local Japanese man. However, she went missing after her first session with him. To avoid being caught, the killer mutilated his face and underwent plastic surgery.


3. The Story of Jennifer & Sarah Hart



After Sarah and Jennifer Hart adopted six children, they constantly posted about them on social media and seemed to live a fairy tale life. However, behind closed doors, they denied the children food and abused them. Once someone suspected that something was going on, the family would up and move to a different state. This would go on for years until the family moved to Washington. There, neighbors became worried about the children and called police and CPS, which resulted in the couple taking the family on one last trip.


4. The Horrors Of Room 308: The Case Of Grace Millane



In 2018, Grace Millane, just shy of her 22nd birthday, took a backpacking trip to New Zealand. There, she met up with other backpackers and soon met a guy on Tinder. She agreed to go out for drinks with him and was seen in multiple places via CCTV. However, Grace went missing the next day on her 22nd birthday. Investigators would continue to gather CCTV footage and discover damning evidence against her Tinder date.


5. The Murder of Emma Walker


Women – beware an ex scorned. On the surface level, everything seemed perfect for Emma Walker and Riley Gaul. A fun and inspiring cheerleader and football player couple, everything went down south when Gaul reared the monster within.

Jealous of others being with his girlfriend, Gaul would make ways to control every bit of Walker’s life. The beautiful cheerleader cut ties with the player, setting a brutal chain of events in motion.


6. The Bizarre Case of Stephen McDaniel



After murdering his neighbor, Lauren Giddings, on a college campus, Stephen McDaniel dismembered her body and placed each part of her body in several trash cans all over campus. Before her body was found, McDaniel was seen on the news claiming that he was friends with Lauren and was worried about her, as they were in the process of searching for her. However, once investigators realized Stephen was the killer, they brought him in for questioning. This video shows the disturbing and creepy interrogation of the cold-blooded killer. 


7. How CCTV Caught A Killer: The Murder That Shocked A Nation



When 20-year-old Birna went missing in Iceland while out on the town, investigators turned to the CCTV footage. They found a drunken Birna walking down the street on her way home from the clubs and didn’t think the videos provided any clues. However, when one detective looked closer, they would discover a car in one of the videos that looked suspicious. A trawling boat and crew would soon be prime suspects in her disappearance.


8. A Case Almost Too Gruesome To Mention: Christa Pike



In 1995, Christa Pike became a murderer at 20 years old. After suspecting that Colleen Slemmer, one of her classmates, was trying to steal her boyfriend, Pike invited her into the woods to smoke weed; however, Pike had other plans …


9. The Nightmare Nurse (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories



In 1991, Beverley Allitt killed four children, attempted to kill three others, and harmed an additional six children at the hospital she was employed at as a nurse. Over the span of three months, she would administer large doses of insulin to children, some who were admitted to the hospital due to fairly minor health issues and others who were disabled. She would become known as the “Angel of Death.” 


10. CCTV Footage Reveals Missing Girl’s Final Bizarre Moments Before Vanishing



In 2016, Mekayla Bali vanished. Before her disappearance, she’s seen via CCTV leaving school, running errands, and waiting around in restaurants. Throughout this time, she makes several phone calls, but police are unable to trace them because she used an app. Then, witnesses saw her try to catch a bus. However, it was a five-hour wait, so she decided to leave and was never heard from again. 


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